Fredrick Diesel Service Retirement Auction

Auction Information

Auction Location:

318 N. 1st St., Medford, OK 73759

Auction Date:

May 22nd, 2020
| 10:00 A.M.

Auction Managers:

Kim Allen




Craig & Shelly Fredrick

1) Amsoil, Valvoline, Mobil, Kendall, Phillips 66, Parts Master, Mach 4, Accel misc oil lot. Individual 106+\- quarts
2) 5 +\- Motorcraft 1.25 gal. containers, 102 +\- quarts of oil brands include: Valvoline, Parts Master, Motorcraft & Castrol
3) 77 +\- quarts of oil brands include: Castrol, Quacker State, Pennzoil, Motorcraft & Parts Master. 2 +\- gallons of HF diesel Elco antifreeze/coolant. 2 +\- 1.25 gal. Motorcraft oil.
4) 6+\- Amsoil creamer boost additive for diesel fuel, 21 +\- Amsoil quarts of oil SAE 10w-30 & 12 +\- Amsoil quarts of oil SAE 5w-20
5) Turn style display rack 6 panels with peg hooks
6) 2 +\- Open display sign, and clock
7) Rock Hill and Parts Master automotive fuel caps +/- 23
8) Light display and light parts
9) Approximately 39’ of Display Shelving with display pegs. (contents not included.)
10) Power washer parts, replacement wand, multiple style of tips, couplings, nozzles, flow cupplers.
11) Misc. lot- U Bolts, hose rack, hose coupling & mender, machete sheath, test plugs, dust cap, fiber glass antenna kit & additional misc. items.
12) Buss Fuses- automotive, marine applications. pullers
13) Roll pin assortment
14) Tractor seat swivel, mechanics stool and chair
15) Misc. nuts, bolts & washers, light bulbs
16) Misc. bolts, nuts & screws
17) Misc. nuts, bolts and washers.
18) Display shelving 4’ with three shelves. (Contents not included.)
19) Assorted hardware- nuts, bolts, disc flanges, washers, disc barings, Krause seals, gang bolts, castle nuts and misc.
20) Chain master links.
21) Metal organization bin with misc. bolts, screws, washers and lock washers. Mostly metric and spark plug wire repair connectors.
22) Misc. fluid lot- Penray Pencool 3000, ISO Heet injector cleaner. So much more!
23) Air Tubing/Brake Tubing
24) Gaskets, clipboards, lug nuts, fuel tire air pressure equalizing systems.
25) Sickle sections, riveting tools, section bolts, guards, and rake teeth.
26) Drill press wheels, bearings, disk spools and misc. John Deere parts.
27) Pioneer adapters, hydraulic valves, quick connect fittings, spacers, hydraulic O-rings.(Display rack included!)
28) Display shelving 28’ +\- with peg board hooks and shelves. (Contents not included.)
29) 3 Point Hitch parts and PTO parts, pens, top link, ball socket, PTO adapters. (4’ display rack included.)
30) Jack handles, double clevis, straight clevis and implement yoke, round bore.
31) Display case, brass DOT airline connectors for trucks misc., grease connectors, springs, throttle rod connectors.
32) Farm equipment 6 bolt hubs, hub bolts.
33) 8’ +\- display rack with shelves and pegs included.
34) Hydraulic adapters and connectors
35) Automotive fittings- grease fittings, brass fittings, connectors and grease fittings
36) Thread bolt
37) Hose clamps, exhaust clamps, Uni Coil, brass shim socket display.
38) Bumper to Bumper electric clock with light.
39) Automotive light bulb case & misc. bulbs
40) Misc. shelving, display cases, wood printer table.
41) 4-sided display shelf
42) 4-sided peg board spinner display case.
43) Meter hose- heater hose and fuel line display.
44) 6 +\- counter stools
45) 2 +\-counter Bumper to Bumper stools.
46) 6 shelf metal book shelves
47) Double spinner display rack with pegs.
48) Misc. office supplies, letter racks, bookends, drill bit displays, knife display, brake line adapters, stud assortment, brake parts, Allen screws, thread repair kit, hats, clip boards, credit card machines and misc. items.
49) Assorted all thread key stock, washers, and sand paper
50) Assorted wheel studs, battery bolts, metric bolts and misc.
51) Sanding disc, wire wheels, and welding supplies.
52) Ice scrapers
53) Assorted shop items- anti freeze, Allen wrench drives, electric fuel pumps, Shop Vac filters and window molding.
54) 7 +\- Winterliners caps and hats, warming packs fire resistant.
55) +/-28’ display racks with shelves and peg hooks.
56) Texas fence fixer, water hose, glass cleaner, rough surface broom
57) Rain suits
58) Rolling utility cart on casters, good condition. (Contents not included.)
59) Assorted store items- flashlights, chainsaw file, safety vests, reflectors, funnels, battery lifting strap.
60) Battery cables, automatic transmission parts, wrenches, Freeze 12 Freon, air conditioning pressure gauge.
61) John Deere air condition lines, hydraulic hoses and radiator pipe.
62) Tow rope brand new
63) Assorted truck and tractor parts
64) Axle clamps for bush hog flex wing mower
65) Copper line quarter to half inch
66) +/-30’ display shelving with shelves and peg clips. (Contents not included.)
67) Jack rack, paint display rack, display stand (used for tow ropes)
68) Windshield whippers and zip ties.
69) Assorted John Deere and Case-IH gaskets
70) Belt measuring tools and belt stretcher tool.
71) Assorted belts
72) Feed chute for bar 6 cake feeder box
73) Battery display rack (Contents not included.)
74) Parts manual lighted display book holder. (and manuals.)
75) Parts catalogs- Cummins engines and misc. automotive parts manuals.
76) Parts manual lighted display book holder. (and manuals.)
77) Customer parts counter- custom made (top comes off in three sections, aluminum diamond plate base)
78) Metal shelving +/ 177’ shelving 6’ tall, spare parts, shelves and pallet of extra sleeves.
79) Assorted air filters, heater cores, blower motors, air compressors and so much more.
80) Auto Truck farm sign
81) +/-4 sheets of peg board
82) Hose brackets and assorted radiator hoses.
83) Bolt sorting bin and ladder with assorted bolts and nuts.
84) Defroster hose, bushings, blower motor, fuel lift pump, water pump and misc. items.
85) Brush Hog mower blades.
86) Misc. items- screw extractor, tub bender, hex torq set, torq bit set, u-bolts, PTO adaptor
87) 10’ +\- shop shelving (Contents not included)
88) Misc. hoses
89) Misc. hoses on spools
90) Work bench, wood top with metal frame
91) Assorted air brake and hydraulic hoses. Hose spool rack.
92) Bolt bins with assorted fittings
93) Bolt bin with assorted coarse threaded bolts, nuts and washers.
94) Bolt bin with assorted fine thread bolts, nuts and washers.
95) Exhaust tubing.
96) Shop clock
97) Hoses, hoses, and more hoses!!! And a hose spool rack.
98) Black bin with pull out organizer drawers full of hydraulic hose fittings.
99) Black bin with pull out organizer drawers full of hydraulic hose fittings.
100) Misc. items- fire extinguisher, clutch kit, connecting rods- reconditioned for Cummins, batter back up, wheel studs, lug nuts.
101) Ag. air conditioning parts. (Shelf not included.)
102) Ag. air conditioning parts. (Shelf not included.)
103) Red plastic shelving bins
104) 4 Dorman drawer units. misc. oil drain plugs, trim screws, clutch pilots, freeze plugs, brass nuts
105) Misc. ignition parts. (Shelf not included.)
106) Misc. air conditioning hose fittings. (Shelf not included.)
107) Misc. paint and cleaning supplies. (Shelf not included.)
108) 1 3’x18”x6’ metal with wood shelves shop shelf. (Contents not included.)
109) Automotive engine gaskets
110) Misc. spark plugs, fan clutches. (Shelving not included.)
111) 8’x2’x12’ double sided metal shop shelf with wood shelves. (Contents not included.)
112) 6’x2’x7’ metal shop self. (Contents not included.)
113) 2 Dorman metal drawer units, misc. wheel studs, misc freeze plugs
114) 2 Dorman metal drawer units, misc. lug nuts, wheel studs
115) Misc.automotive brake parts with metal removable drawer unit
116) Misc. thermostat gaskets, metric hydraulic brake adapters. (Shelf not included.)
117) Auto-Mate starters. (Shelf not included.)
118) Misc. tie rod ends, ball joints, belts, hoses, Wilson alternator. (Shelf not included.)
119) Brand new in the box John Deere upper cab door glass
120) Misc. alternator parts, welding helmet, straps mower blades, old printer and monitor, pto plastic cover, John Deere 20 series battery boxes. (Shelf not included.)
121) Misc. Bush hog mower parts and Schaben sprayer parts. (Shelf not included.)
122) Automotive alternators, tractor u-joints, sprayer (Shelf not included.)
123) 8’x2’x12’ double sided metal framed shelving with wood shelves. (Contents not included.)
124) Misc. Baldwin air filters
125) Baldwin air filters. (Shelf not included.)
126) Misc John Deere and Versatile filters (Shelf not included.)
127) Misc Baldwin fuel and air filters (Shelf not included.)
128) Misc screw assortment with sorting bin
129) Misc.. John Deere tractor parts (Shelf not included.)
130) Misc. John Deere tractor parts (Shelf not included.)
131) Misc. John Deere tractor parts (Shelf not included.)
132) Misc. John Deere tractor parts (Shelf not included.)
133) Vintage candy dispenser
134) Misc. Versatile tractor parts (Shelf not included.)
135) Misc. Versatile tractor parts (Shelf not included.)
136) Misc. Versatile tractor parts (Shelf not included.)
137) 8’x2’x16’ double sided metal framed shop shelving with wood shelves. (Contents not included.)
138) Misc. Baldwin oil and fuel filters (Shelf not included.)
139) Misc. Baldwin fuel filters (Shelf not included.)
140) Misc. Baldwin oil filters (Shelf not included.)
141) 8’x2’x12’ double sided metal shop shelving with wood shelves. (Contents not included.)
142) Misc. bearings (Shelf not included.)
143) Misc. oil seals, snap ring set and a versatile cab filter. (Shelf not included.)
144) Misc. u- joints and alternator parts (Shelf not included.)
145) Misc. Cummins engine parts and truck brake parts, (Shelf not included.)
146) Misc. Cummings parts and tie rods (Shelf not included.)
147) Alternator pulleys, misc. alternator parts, misc. Cummins parts, misc. air bags. (Shelf not included.)
148) Cummins and some Case tractor parts (Shelf not included.)
149) 8’x2’x16’ double side metal shop shelving with wood shelves. (Contents not included.)
151) Misc. motor oil and gear oil
152) 5 gal. bucket of Syngard full synthetic 75W-90 gear oil, (1) 5 gal. bucket of Lubsoil Syn 50, and appx. 5 gallons of 80W-90 gear oil.
153) 55 gallon drum of methanol.
154) Metal Interstate battery sign
155) 3 Travel Star radial pickup truck tires. 275/55R20
156) Misc. hoses
157) Misc. used tractor clutch and other tractor parts
158) Alternator tester, misc. brake booster
159) Alternator tester and an air tank
160) Misc. cam shafts, struts, air hose and reel, misc parts, misc snap rings, wing nuts, Allen head bolts, cotter keys, set screws and a metal drawer unit.
161) Hyster Challenger 60 forklift 6000 lbs +/- approximately 12 ft. mast with tilt and side shift on LP. New starter and rebuilt cylinder with new hydraulic hoses. Great Condition. VIN- D3D6019
162) Clark Gasoline forklift approximately a 1943 model 2000 +/- lbs lift. 8 ft. mast with tilt. VIN- Y4047101, good condition, new tires.
163) 1998 Single Cab Chevrolet Cheyenne 2500 V8 automatic with 2×4 cargo unlimited service bed. 194,497 +/- miles VIN 1GCGC24R2WZ193542 (Contents of service bed not included and will be removed before day of auction.)
164) Golf Cart- Yamaha electric start gas engine custom made with duel rear tires and utility bed.
165) 2008 105th Edition Harley Davidson FXDSE New tires, raised handlebars custom windshield approximately +/- 10,536 miles, brand new battery
166) 725 Grasshopper ZTR Lawn Mower Gasoline 61″ cut great condition 1421 +/- hours, deck rebuilt last season with new blades added.
167) Misc. John Deere tractor parts, 7520 John Deere water pump
168) Weed eater, hose reel, misc. tools, chain saw, radio, misc. boxes of Dorman bolts, studs, metric bolts
169) Brake bleeder tank, casters, window molding, misc. tools
170) (1) 235/85R16 LT and (2) 215/75R17.5 low boy trailer tire a mounted on rims, like new.
171) 8640 John Deere tractor rear axle assembly
172) Cultivator shovels
173) Misc. tools and other ag related parts
174) Used tractor seats, parts only
175) Bolt bin
176) Chevelle name badges and hub cap, electric motor, misc. tractor parts
177) 3 bags of ice melt salt, Ford 9” new ring and pinion set
178) Misc. Monroe gas charged shocks, (4) trailer bearing hub assemblies
179) Salvage, Versatile transmission parts
180) Old John Deere specialty tools, radio, misc parts
181) Misc. spray paint, pto cover, misc nuts and bolts, misc. refrigerant.
182) (2) bolt bins, tire gauge, plastic sorting bins, misc. fuses and flashers
183) John Deere engine overhaul kit, (new in the box.)
184) John Deere Engine Overhaul kit. (New in the box.)
185) John Deere engine overhaul kit. (New in the box.)
186) Automotive engine parts, center caps for American racing wheels, set of pistons, misc, brake bleeder screws
187) Forged racing pistons, high performance cams, chrome engine parts
188) Shelving brackets, misc. gaskets, sprayer pump
189) Misc. tractor parts, chain saw chain, misc. parts
190) Clean Burn waste oil heater with spare parts and pump
191) Misc. chrome engine parts and misc. parts
192) Chevy 1 ton rim, misc. carburetor parts, home built engine adapter plates
193) Dorman metal drawer cabinet, misc. bolts, misc. automotive parts
194) 10’ work bench
195) 18” ceramic tile appx. 2 cases
196) Tire mounting lubricant, drawers, hinges, push rods, misc. parts. (Shelf not included.)
197) Block heaters, tractor blower motors, misc. gaskets, brake shoes. (Shelf not included.)
198) Misc. bearings, misc vacuum hose, alternator cores, chain saw case. (Shelf not included.)
199) Alternator cores, import disc brake assortment, pump. (Shelf not included.)
200) 8’x1’x16’ metal framed shop shoveling with wood shelves. (Contents not included.)
201) Metal barrel rack with drain tray. (Contents not included.)
202) 55 gallon drum with apex. 8 gallon of 80/90 gear oil. (Shelf not included.)
203) Tire tools, 2 tire tubes
204) Trailer tire, 3 tire tubes, bucket of tire valves
205) Exhaust extensions and mufflers
206) Brake line display with some brake lines, wiper display with some wipers, retractable drop light, receiver hitch display
207) Snap on refrigerant recovery recycling center with 2 spare recovery bottles
208) Matco mig welder with cart
209) DeWalt chop saw
210) Interior kit for a Case-IH 8820 swather
211) Step ladders, 12’ ladder
212) Tractor rear dual wheel dolly
213) Axle jack for wheel dolly
214) Tractor rear dual tire dolly
215) Axle jack for wheel dolly
216) Scissor axle jack for wheel dolly
217) Bolt bin with misc. coarse thread bolts, washers and nuts
218) Bolt bin with misc. coarse thread bolts
219) Cam bearing installation tool kit
220) Piston ring compressors
221) Hones
222) Torque multiplier
223) 7.3 power stroke Injector sleeve remover and installer kit
224) Duramax injector leak measuring tool
225) Proto 600 lbs. torque wrench
226) Assorted lifting eyes
227) Pipe wrench fuel pressure tester, brake caliper retracting tools and misc.
228) Compression tester, snap on adapters
229) Tap and die set in wooden box
230) Versatile wheel seal installer. (large or small seal.)
230b) Versatile wheel seal installer.( Large and small)
230c) Versatile axle nut tool. (Large and small.)
231) Versatile hinge pin bushing boring tool.
232) Electronic hydrogen leak detector, snap on electronic sight glass, digital thermometer and AC recharge hose
233) Injector nozzle tester with adapters
234) John Deere rear main seal tool, front axle tool and other misc. JD tools.
235) John Deere brake rivet tool and transmission bearing tools
236) Shop built 3-pt lifting tool, 50 series pto lifting tool.
237) AC vacuum pumps, hoses and dye injector kit
238) Misc. nuts and bolts, u-bolts
239) Blue steel portable fan
240) 2 RCA stereo speakers
241) Misc. tools, all thread, nuts and bolts
242) 20 series John Deere steering valve
243) Shop built engine lifting tools
244) Hydraulic flow meter tester with many adapter hoses , engine oil pre-luber
245) Truck and trailer wheel seal installers
246) Shop creeper, oil drain pan, funnels, misc. paint
247) 4 shop creepers and 1 seat creeper
248) 5′ metal shop table. (Contents not included.)
249) 6′ metal shop table. (Contents not included.)
250) 6′ metal shop table with red Wilton table vise. (Contents not included.)
251) Accuturn fly wheel and brake lathe
252) Misc. welding helmets and a face shield
253) 2 tow ropes
254) 2 yellow jack stands and 2 red bottle jacks
255) 4 misc. bottle jacks
256) Air hoses
256b) Extension cords, drop white and welding cord
257) Snap On Super Charger
258) Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC arc welding power source with welding rod
259) Black wheel truck steps and rear receiver step
260) Sylvania fluorescent bulbs 8+/-
261) Corvette early 60’s intake manifold and 85 model rear spoiler
262) Tractor air ride seat
263) Set of 3 chrome wheels.
264) Metal shop door
265) Fuel tank pump
266) Wooden shelf
267) Truck clutch and brake drum remover and installer tool.
268) Wood blocks
269) Wood planks
270) Wood blocks
271) Set of 2 work steps
272) Set of 2 metal shop steps
273) Shop built John Deere cab lifting tool for a fork lift
274) Metal vehicle ramps. (Set of 2.)
275) Versatile axle shafts
276) Plastics vehicle ramps. (Set of 2.)
277) 30 gallon craftsman shop vac and a Chevy truck eyebrow.
278) Valve and seat grinder
279) Brush hog metal sign
280) Truck and trailer wheel dolly
281) Porta power hand pump
282) Battery cable lug crimping tool
283) Fuel pressure tester
284) Fuel pressure tester
285) Radiator fill kit
286) Brake bleeder kit
287) Pro Link code reader for trucks
288) Cummings 855 timing kit
289) Cummins 855 timing kit
290) Genisys Scan tool
291) Snap On automotive scan tool
292) Rotunda scan tool
293) Time trac diesel timing kit
294) Navistar injector sleeve remover and installer. (Never used.)
295) Navistar DT 466 rear seal tool
296) Noise stethoscope
297) Flux brazing rod
298) Soldering gun and electrical connectors
299) AC compressor tool kit
300) John Deere electronic governor tester
301) Assorted air tools
302) Detroit injector adjusting kit
303) 8.2 Detroit injector setting tool
304) 60 series Detroit front seal installer and cam pilot
305) Several Caterpillar injector and pump tools and AC oil, and miscellaneous paint
306) Axle nut sockets
307) Large axle nut sockets, (1) Snap On 3 1/2′ socket, and (1) Mac 3 1/8″ socket
308) Assorted fine thread bolts
309) Cummins rear main tool, sleeve driver
310) Miscellaneous Cummins tools
311) Miscellaneous pry bars and punch tools
312) Valve spring compressor and C-clamps
313) Pilot bearing pullers, and clutch tools
314) Grease guns and barrel pump
315) Miscellaneous anti-freeze, flashlight, plugs
316) Drop light, miscellaneous parts
317) 4 inch grinder and wire wheels
318) Clutch aligning tools
319) Battery load tester
320) Battery load tester
321) Snap On 3/4″ drive impact wrench
322) Piston ring tool, Starrett taper gauge, and miscellaneous tools
323) Bearing installer, sledgehammer, water buckets, lighted bumper guides
324) Seven spools of baler twine
325) 5′ metal shop table and green table vise. (Contents not included.)
326) Shop built overhead hoist with a 2 1/2 ton chain hoist. (Contents not included.)
326b) (2 ) Power pulls
327) Heavy diesel engine stand
328) Ingersoll Rand air compressor with a 5 hp Briggs & Stratton gas engine. Needs a little TLC.
329) Puma air compressor with a Honda 5 1/2 hp Honda gas engine. Works great.
330) Horizontal barrel stand and caddy
331) Lincoln 10 ton floor jack
332) Lincoln 10 ton floor jack. Manual and air operated.
333) Shop built hydraulic cherry picker
334) Adjustable welding stand.
335) Two plastic carts, with miscellaneous tools, toolbox, drain pan
336) Sand blaster on metal stand
337) Aluminum bread rack with 5 shop brooms
338) Snap On toolbox with side chest
339) Craftsman top box
340) Front bucket seats and backseat out of a 70 Chevelle SS.
341) 8′ metal shop table with vise and hydraulic pump stand. (Contents not included.)
342) Snap On parts washer with light.
343) Earthquake 43 cc gas powered rototiller
344) Mitsubishi 6 hp gas power washer with hose
345) Power system circulating large parts washer.
346) Aluminum slide out bed rat
347) 7 hp Briggs & Stratton gas powered tiller
348) Father and son bicycles
349) 1984 Honda Magna V 45 700cc motorcycle. 10,751 miles. +/-
350) 1982 Honda CM 450 E. 6901+/- original miles. Needs a tuneup. Small rust area on fuel tank, needs repaired.
351) Tractor splitting stand
352) John Deere four-wheel-drive splitting stand
353) 5′ Porta Cool water cooler for a shop.
354) New starter for a 6410 John Deere tractor
355) 5′ metal shop table with vice. (Contents not included.)
356) 5′ metal shop table with red vise.
357) 5 foot metal shop table
358) 250 gal. transmission and hydraulic oil tank with air operated hose reel.
359)250 gal. motor oil tank with air operated hose reel.
360) Set of 2 Radial S/T trailer tires size 235/80 R 16
361) Set of 2 Goodyear Eagle ZR 45. Size 245/45 ZR 17.
362) Clean Burn multi oil shop heating system. 280,000 BTU heating unit and 400 gallon oil storage tank.
363) 1 20′ chain with two hooks
364) 20′ chain with two hooks
365) 20’chain with two hooks
366) 13′ chain with two hooks
367) 16′ chain with two hooks
368) 9′ chain with two hooks
369) 9′ chain with one hook
370) 7′ chain with two hooks
371) Miscellaneous length chain pieces
372) Bolt bin with misc. bolts and plastic organizer with miscellaneous bolts and nuts
373) 10’x6’ wooden storage shelves
374) Metal shop shelf 9’x2’x6’ Metal shop shelves
375) Service manuals for tractors and automobiles
376) Desk with office chair and spare base
377) (3) office chairs and (1) tan chair
378) Plaid couch with ottoman
379) (1) glow board with markers and (1) thermometer
380)Chrome clothing rack
381) (2) Ceramic space heaters, two fans
382) Miscellaneous office supplies
383) Wood shelf for an office. (Contents not included)
384) (2) framed pictures
385) Samsung business telephone system. Includes eight telephone bases with main box.
386) 3’x6’x1’ wood shelf for display
387) Paper shredder
388) 4 drawer filing cabinet
389) 5 drawer filing cabinet
390) HP Office Jet 6500A Plus
391) UPS digital shipping scale
392) Kenmore microwave
393) GE refrigerator
394) Office desk
395) 4 HP monitors with keyboards
396) 2 Brother laser printers HQ 1200
397) Daiglemen dozer blade, 10’ blade
398) (1) new and (1) used John Deere tractor tire rim
399) (2) handrail trailer house steps
400) (1) handrail trailer house steps
401) (1) set of two 20.8×34, mounted on rims, 70% tread
402) (1) set of two 20.8×34, mounted on rims, 70% tread
403) (2) used John Deere tractor tire rims
404) John Deere center wheel castings. (Set of 4.)
405) Metal pallet rack, holds 6 pallets
406) Metal pallet rack, holds 6 pallets.
407) Square tubing and John Deere combine handrail
408) Set of (2) Case-IH tractor front end weights
409) (6)-30 series John Deere suitcase weights
410) (4)-40 series John Deere suitcase weights
411) Schaben sprayer frame
412 Tractor splitting frame and stand
413 Tractor transmission stand
414 Used pto shafts for parts
415 Conveyor belt
416 Air compressor tank. (Tank only)
417 Small tractor wheel dolly
418 Rear fenders for a John Deere series 40 tractor
419 Heavy metal cart with casters, receiver hitch
420 Used trailer tires
421 Turn style bolt bin with miscellaneous bolts
422 Pallet of reusable refrigerant tanks
423 1000 gal. waste oil tank and trailer approximately half full. (Needs tires.)
424 Heavy allied vise
425 Sprayer w/ wand